Super Kikoriki – FAQ

If the answer to your question is not in this list, please contact us via email and we will help you. If possible, please write directly from the game (In the Settings there is a button with a letter icon), in this case service information will be added automatically and the issue will be solved faster.
If you can’t or don’t want to complete a task, you can skip it. Carlin will appear next to the TASKS title and help you to do that. To make him appear you need to complete two of three tasks and then play three more times.

Skip Task

You get multiplayer faster when you’re doing longer chains.
Loop — is a chain, where the start and end characters are located nearby. Such chains will give you three times more score points.

Chain-loop Example 1

Chain-loop Example 2

Tournament is a competition with your friends. It opens when level 8 is reached. To join, you will need to connect to your Facebook profile. Each tournament lasts for 24 hours. After the tournament ends and scores are summarized the winners get their awards. The size of the reward depends on the number of friends you have bypassed. For example, if you competed with five friends and took the 2nd place, your reward will be greater than if you competed with 3 friends and took the 1st place. The Candy Prize (prize fund) — is the size of a reward if you take 1st place. Invite your friends to the game to increase the prize fund. In addition, for each invited friend you will get a candy bonus.

Chain-loop Example 2

In ordinary (pink) bag, you will find a random super character – a new one or, for example, a character which you already own. In the last case the super character will gain a level. You will receive such bags roughly every 5 levels, you can also win such bags in the Lucky Wheel.
In the magic (green) bag you are guaranteed to find a new super character. These bags can only be purchased at the store.

Chain-loop Example 2

The best way is to invite your friends to the game! But also you can find new friends for the game in this topic.
Take the super character into the game – tap on it in the super characters list on Prepare screen before game starts and the it will take its place. Start to play. You may notice in the bottom of the screen the super character takes separacte place with the bars. The bars become filled up with color when you release the characters of the same color (usually the color is violet when just one super character is in the game). When all the bars are filled up the super character falls into play box. To apply its power just tap on that character in the play box. All supercats are activated this way except Pin. To use Pin you should include him into the chain like a common character

On 16 level the new game mode is unlocked – disco mode. The edge of game field becomes covered with a progress bar. This bar is filling up and down during the game. But it becomes filled up faster if you do longer chains more frequently. As soon as whole bar is filled up disco mode becomes active: you gain triple amount of points and candies earned by you within next 7 seconds.

Disco mode can be activated by Berry super character as well.