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Sunday Games is a game development studio founded in 2014. We are located in Limassol, Cyprus. READY SET CAT is our first game. It is the casual game about cats for mobile platforms. Then we released Girls vs. Cats – joint project with TNT, one of the most popular Russian TV channels. After that we developed Super Kikoriki, one more joint project with Kikoriki, the most popular child brand in Russia. Now our team is working on new ambitious project – Dawn of Civilizations.

Our experienced team can professionally develop a game from the scratch – starting from an idea and game design, providing professional graphics and as the result delivering the ready product to various mobile platforms and not only. Although we are mainly targeted to mobile markets we are flexible and always open to consider new opportunities. So if you are interested in cooperation – contact us.


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Dawn of Civilizations Game Announcement

Today we announced our new game. Dawn of Civilizations is 4X strategy allowing a player guide his nation from clubs to nuclear bombs. On this path he is opposed by[…]

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Learn English with Rhymes is Finally Available in App Store

Learn English with Rhymes is Finally Available in Apple App Store. The launch went well. Now our app is the most popular kids-application in 6 countries!

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Remote Logger in Unity Asset Store

We have released a free Unity Asset. It is called Remote Logger via Google Sheets and you can download it directly from Unity Asset Store.

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